About Me


Josh Crooks is a musician in the true meaning of the word.  He started playing the guitar at age 12 and has never put it down.  Josh began classical guitar studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2006 where he would eventually receive a bachelors degree in music performance.  During this time Josh found a great passion for flamenco music which has been a huge influence on his style of playing the guitar.  Josh has performed across the Southwestern United States as a solo guitarist, and in larger ensembles.  His repertoire includes many classical and flamenco pieces as well as beautiful original arrangements of popular songs.

Josh also enjoys passing along the gift of music to the next generation.  He has been teaching music since 2008 on the guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar.

Josh believes his instruments are essential tools in making music and proudly endorses:  Koaloha Ukulele, Mi-Si Electronics, and Shubb Capos.